Building Equity with EWR

Aiming to increase the rate of homeownership in Philadelphia by helping to provide equitable access for all, regardless of income or neighborhood

Even with a low down payment loan, the cash needed to purchase a home can be a major barrier for many buyers. Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS® has established the Building Equity Program to reduce that barrier.

How it works

When you work with an Elfant Wissahickon REALTOR® we will extend a commission rebate to you at closing as well as waive the commission normally due from buyers.

We have also built a network of mortgage lenders and title companies that will match our rebate or waive other fees at closing, if you choose to work with them.

Simply put, this program will reduce your closing fees and put some of the upfront costs of buying a home back into your pocket.

Up to a $1,595 value:

EWR commission rebate

Eligible buyers may receive a $500 commission rebate from Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS® at closing, which can be combined with other credits/gifts/grants (as approved by your lender). We will also waive the $395 buyer paid commission, sometimes called a Settlement Services Fee.

Matching lender rebate

Participating lenders are ready to preapprove the program and some, including Princeton Mortgage and Loan Depot, will match the EWR $500 commission rebate.

Closing fees waived

Our affiliated title companies, Northwest Abstract and Class Abstract, will waive notary and administrative fees, which typically range from $150-$200.

• $500 EWR Commission Rebate

• $395 buyer paid commission waived

• $500 lender rebate

• up to $200 in title fees waived

= up to $1,595 total value

Buyer eligibility: The rebate offer is extended to FHA or other low down payment buyers represented by an Elfant Wissahickon REALTOR® with a purchase price at or below $200,000. Buyers must plan to occupy the home. Lender rebate and title fee waivers only available from participating companies. All terms are subject to lender approval.

Get started

Fit the criteria and already working with an EWR agent? You’re all set!

If you’re just getting started, the first step is to get in touch with an EWR agent, who can talk you through the entire homebuying process and how to claim your rebate.

Our Equity Fund

EWR’s commission rebate and FHA repair program are made possible by our Equity Fund, which was seeded by contributions from our managing partners and is replenished on an ongoing basis by contributions from our agents and our partner agencies. The work of building the network of participating lenders and title companies is thanks to our agent-driven Diversity Committee.

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